• Offers an immediate overview of the risks of substances and mixtures used in society.
  • Automatically creates Chemical Cards in A4 format with a clear view of essential information for each product for employees.
  • Automatically selects products to be processed according to classification, rules for handling, generates and forward rules in reference to KHS for discussion.
  • It creates overviews of stored quantity and consumption of CHLS according to operations (possibility of interconnection of information with outputs of purchase programs).
  • It allows up-to-date controls and immediate detection of SVHC substance in used products (Candidate list of particularly hazardous and restricted substances).
  • Possibility of detecting sensitizing substances, drug precursors and explosives precursors, biocidal active substances, Annex XVII substances, RoHS Directive substances, vPvB substances and other hazardous substances according to your internal restriction lists.
  • Determining the quantity of substance produced or imported in the full product range for registration with ECHA.
Material Safety
Data Sheets
Quick access to current versions of the safety data sheets supplied by the manufacturer.
  • A basic database of over 6,000 safety data sheets of commonly used substances and mixtures, now often including exposure scenarios.
  • You can automatically create safety cards for intelligible information on the risk of substances and mixtures for your employees in CZ, SK, AJ, DE and PL.
  • Automatic product label creation in accordance with CLP Regulation.
  • CASEC classifies mixtures using an automatic calculation program and generates a safety data sheet in EU language versions into editable outputs.
Quickly create reports as a basis for elaborating:
  • Emergency plans under the Water Act.
  • Protocols according to the Act on Industrial Accidents,
  • Evaluation according to the Environmental Damage Act.
  • Summaries of substances by flammability class, resp. flash points.
  • Annual balance of volatile organic compounds (VOC) according to the Air Protection Act.
  • ADR card for warehousers on packaging of dangerous substance for transport.
  • CMR sheet generated according to entered transported items, including notification of not / exceeding the below-the-threshold amount for exemption from ADR.
  • CMR sheet generated according to entered transported items, including notification of not / exceeding the below-the-threshold amount for exemption from ADR.
  • Editing of the output before it finishes.
  • Outputs to 5 language (CZ,SK,EN,PL,DE).
  • Mixer classifier directly from mixtures.
  • Creation of own templates of safety data sheets (again customizable format) including intelligent translations into 5 languages.
  • Possibility to enter own user classification of substances and its use for calculation of mixture.
  • In the substance detail you will immediately see the classification and labeling of the substance according to CLP Annex VI as well as the registration dossier.
  • Space for UFI codes.
  • Classification of items according to the European Product Catalog (EU PCS) - use for reporting mixtures to the European register.
  • Ability to work with multiple files at once, fast copying /Drag and Drop/
    URL link to the safety data sheet in each item that you can further use to link to your safety data sheet or other document.
  • Offline active html page for employees, where they have an overview of used products with basic information and access to SDS and KHS Rules. Security or ADR card.
Frequently Asked

What platforms does CASEC work on?

CASEC can be run natively on Windows computers (Windows XP SP3 and later). For the functionality of the application it is necessary to access the web address, where the program uses https protocol, port 443, for communication. about risk.

How many users can use CASEC?

The number of users is unlimited. It is up to you how many users you have administrator privileges or advanced user privileges. Everyone else can view, create reports, labels, cards, but without affecting your user database.

How much does CASEC cost?

The price list is listed in the PRICE LIST tab and depends on the number of items (ie products) managed in your database. The number of enclosed safety data sheets is not included.

Will it work offline?

Offline is a database installed in the so-called HTML mode, which serves for viewing and filtering data. Active editing of database input information in this mode cannot be done. It is primarily intended for employees on PC units in operations to provide information under Article 35 of REACH: Access to information for workers.

Why choose CASEC?

It is a unique tool that connects all areas where it is necessary to work with entering information on product composition, quantity and other parameters. At the same time, the SW can classify, label and create safety data sheets in several languages. And all this is generated using basic code lists and databases of substances we update for you. This ensures compliance with current legislation, minimizing errors and avoids the occurrence of different output information for government, customers and certification authorities, and, above all, huge time savings with rewriting data to different systems. Do not hesitate and implement a data system under one roof at your place.

Company logo format for embedding in the program?

Logo must be in PNG 32bit (RGBA) format.


We will be happy to show you the CASEC application. With us or directly in your operation.